Well met, brave reader!


You’ve found your way to the About page. This one would assume you seek information of the trials and tribulations of fair and wicked heroes. F@&!*in’ sweet, dude.

Battlements takes place in a fantasy world all on its own. Sword-and-board! Wizards-and-warriors! Bears-and-battle maces! Legendary creatures and adventurers gallivant across the lands seeking fame and fortune. Then there’s these jerks. Follow Hector, Shane, Rail, and Gene as they try to make a name for themselves as adventurers while staying alive.

What is this comic about?

Here you will find a world rife with swords, sorcery, and shenanigans. A fun and humorous take on fantasy, Battlements follows the exploits of a growing cast of characters as they get into trouble living their daily lives in a world filled with hungry orks, haughty elves, and mad wizards. Anachronism is heavy throughout Battlements so don’t be surprised when you find barbarians watching magically powered television enjoying their elvish soap-operas.

How does it flow?

All comics follow a particular pacing ranging from the joke a day strips much like in the Sunday paper comics to more scene driven story arcs like traditional super hero comics. Battlements falls somewhere in the middle having each page be its own set up for a joke or scene but is also often part of a larger story arc. Some stories will exist on their own being a very short story contained in a single page where as others will span multiple weeks.

When do you update?

Every Thursday.

Where are all the pretty colors?

Ultimately we wanted the comic to be in full color, and we still do. However, we decided that getting the comic out to you was more important than trying to get all the pages colored. Currently we run the comic in our spare time so adding color would increase the time it takes to complete a page. There are future plans to go back and color the pages and we will keep you updated when we do so.

What’s with the blue chicken?

An omen. For ill portents or great fortune? The wise ones still argue.

Where’s a good place to start?

Tradition dictates to start at the beginning. Check out our first page to consume JPEGs of adventure.

How can I support you guys to make more stuff?

Good question. We currently have a Patreon page set up where you can donate as little as $1 to get access to some cool Battlements stuff.


Who are you maniacs? 

Jake Rieman
Hails from: the Frozen Craplands
Artist, Writer, Sasquatch
Jake writes the comic with Vic and creates the pretty pretty pictures for your eyes to get fat and happy on. He is a professional illustrator and a hairy wizard when coming to all things nerdy. Much like the nocturnal habits of The Batman, Jake is most active at night but sporting flip-flops opposed to black body armor.

Vic Carlstrom
Hails from: the Far Side of the Middle
Writer, Designer, Web Goblin,
Vic writes the comic with Jake, and maintains the web side of the operation. He’s a web designer and a nerd-of-all-trades. He can sometimes be alarmingly passionate about things. Ask him about anything he’s interested in, and see how long it takes him to stop talking.