Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Start – Apocalypse Cow

In which our heroes seek a lost treasure, and instead find friendship. And the treasure. 

Interludes: Battlesburg – A history

A brief history of Battlesburg and its founding. 

Chapter 2: Adventures in Real Estate

Our heroes fail a home inspection and are forced to find new accommodations. 

Chapter 3: Training Day

Zelenor, a young sorcerer from the village of Doomswick, travels to the big city of Battlesburg to receive mage training. She encounters resistance. Our heroes take her under their tutelage as a plot begins to unfold.

Chapter 4: Doomswick vs Culthaven

Ludwig’s plans are coming to fruition. Can our heroes save the village of Doomswick? 

Chapter 5: Cry Mimic

In the wake of the Doomswick incident, Gene and Hector go in search of a new magical weapon for Gene. Gene’s holy outbursts lead to a perilous situation for Hector.