Steel thy nerves! Follow our adventurers!

A mighty warrior full of fight, fluent in meat, master of arms: Hector is in constant search of a good fight to test his metal. More brawn than brain, he has had a long running friendship with Shane. The two balance each others weaknesses through thick and thin. The epitome of burly barbarian manliness, Hector does enjoy his elvish soap operas. Lord help the creature who gets in the way of his stories.

A powerful wizard and possibly (totally) a necromancer, Shane is the brains of the operation. He leads his comrades into adventures based on quests for forbidden knowledge, ancient artifacts, doomsday devices, or magic items that do nifty things. Despite his appearance as a gentleman and a scholar, Shane is prone to bouts of extreme eccentricity. This is mostly likely attributed to magical radiation from constantly wearing the Magnis Cardigan, the source of his magical powers.

The odd and thievish elf Rail has fingers that are stickier than royal bear jelly. Armed simply with what he calls a “magic sack of doorknobs,” the pilfered items he gathers are as much for personal challenge as they are monetary gain. Rail has little regard for his own safety as a member of the undying races of Wood Elves. Honestly, he has less regard for the safety of those around him.

Clerics are the healers and spiritual leaders of the world. At least, the ones who graduate the Clerical Academies. Having to drop out for “reasons,” Gene has had to resort to graveyard shifts of beating the dead back into their tombs to pay for his true passion, the next bottle of booze. Pessimistic and unsure of himself, Gene often finds himself in over his head as he never really learned to properly heal. The more he hangs out with his new found friends, the more he finds out how much he does not know.