The traditional fighting man, Hector is anything but typical. The Happy Warrior. Affable to a fault, you’d sooner buy him a drink than throw him a punch. The epitome of brawn over brains, Hector fights to test himself but also to protect his friends. He and Shane have been friends for a very long time. The two balance others’ weaknesses and have been through thick-and-thin. Hector has a penchant for heavy drinking, red meat, and elvish soap operas.

First appearance: Chapter 1: EXP is the Best Teacher


Burdened by ancient and forbidden knowledge, Shane is misunderstood by most upon first meeting. He comes from a long line of necromancers that have faced a lot of legal and social scrutiny. Shane’s more eccentric can be attributed to his magical robe, the Magnis Cardigan. His constant connection to this powerful magical power source allows him to wield bizarre magics. Shane has a chip on his shoulder and will often take every opportunity to put a thumb in the eye of the authorities.

First appearance: Chapter 1: Morning Rituals


The odd and thievish elf Rail has fingers that are stickier than royal bear jelly. Slippery and tall (if you include the ears), there’s rarely a situation he cannot get himself out of. Rail follows his own code of behavior, usually at the expense of others. Armed simply with what he calls a “magic sack of doorknobs,” the pilfered items he gathers are as much for personal challenge as they are monetary gain. Rail has little regard for his own safety as a member of the undying races of Wood Elves. Honestly, he has less regard for the safety of those around him.

First appearance: Chapter 1: Off the Rail


The reluctant cleric, Gene is the secret sauce that keeps the whole operation working. Gene has been unsure of himself in the past having dropped out of clerical school. Healing others properly does not go according to plan most of the time. Training with many skeleton warriors in the graveyard, Gene is a remarkable combatant. His true passion lies in the kitchen. Often baking delicious and fortifying confections, his beliefs on food and nourishment have granted him the notice of an ancient deity. Ruimen, the Lord of Hearths, has been frequently imbuing Gene with power involuntarily when he begins a righteous speech.

First appearance: Chapter 1: Blessed are the Drink Takers

Supporting Characters


Hailing from the small village of Doomswick, Zelenor is an extremely powerful sorcerer. Her bubbly personality is in stark contrast to the level of destruction she can dish out. She has recently come into her own and is learning more about her powers after the “Doomswick Incident”

First appearance: Chapter 3: Ill Portents


Arrogant and blunt, Ludwig wields his authority over the Mage’s Council of Battlesburg whenever he can. He never seems to run out of things to do or people to bother. However, given his position in the Mage’s Council, so many people have to come to him for regulation within the city limits. He has schemes in play that put him in direct conflict with our heroes. And a sinister master to appease.

First appearance: Chapter 3: Drive By