Note: We’ll be making some big updates to our Patreon in the coming year too.

A brief message about the next couple of weeks. Text from the page.

Greetings adventurers,

It has been a crazy year. Both of us have been blown away with the growth of the comic and the response we have been getting from everyone.

Seriously, it’s been downright magical.

We have been going for the last five or so years posting a comic once a week without a break. This year we’re taking one. We both agreed that with things that have been going on in real life that taking a break would be best for our mental health and enthusiasm to keep going.

So in order to keep going, we have to stop for a little (if that makes sense).

We’re still going to post some content related to the comic in the meantime. However, we won’t continue the current story until next year.

If you need your comic fix, we have our whole archive to dive back through. It’s incredible to see where we started from to where we’ve been going. If you’d like to support us during this time, share the comic with a friend or sub to our Patreon (link is in the post).

Finally, we’d like to thank the seven hells out of all of you for reading our stories. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

Yours in glorious valor,

Jake and Vic