The Bovine of Destruction rises! Prepare your souls for a blue ribbon in torment! Get ready to make some weeeeeeird burgers.

Heads up, fair reader! Jake and Vic are going to be at the Fairfax Comic Con on August 25th-26th! Come by our booth to say hi! We’ll have some Battlements merch as well as Jake taking commissions and Vic delivering high-fives in exchange for terrible puns. Its our first convention as a comic. Its going to get nice and awkward.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re both huge Dungeons & Dragons nerds. One of the biggest influences on the comic is how we see these fantasy worlds through a lens of cheeky absurd-ism. We love hearing insane D&D stories as well as telling them. If you swing by our booth at the convention, tell us about that time a vampire lord kidnapped the wrong person, or when three goblins dressed in a trench coat tried to sneak into the tavern. Shane, Hector, Rail, and Gene are definitely in for more soon. Stay tuned, faithful reader! The action is about to kick off!