A constant staple of the warrior is the ability to deliver a solid one-liner. People wonder why fighters usually have some version of “taunt” to focus attacks. Its because they are shouting terrible puns at the enemy. If you’re trying to get your dungeon master to focus attacks on you, hit them with relentless puns of damage. You’ll either role play your way into being the John McLane of Battlesburg or get all the enemies trying to shut you up. In either instance, glory awaits!

What are your favorite battle openers? As both players and dungeon masters, we like having a chambered pun or brutal comeback. Action movies, especially the classic meat-based action movies of the 80’s and early 90’s, are chalk full of great warrior source material. You can make a tabletop session legendary by dropping the right line just before you crack out that heavy daily spell. Its going to take more than a slick pun to take on the demon bovine.

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