“Feel the healing waves crash over your busted face…” BUZZAP. We have 300% more onomatopoeia than any other page so far. Hector might be in rough shape now. Skelebro is there totally as a friend you can trust to not try to munch on your face when you’re down. Gene’s has the skelebro smashing down, but how’s this heal going to turn out?

D&D PSA: there are many types of clerics out in the wild. Not all of them are healing motivated. You got some lightning throwing jazz with the Tempest Cleric. You can be built like a brick shithouse and serious brawler, like the front-line War Clerics. There’s even the edgy, its-not-a-phase-Dad-its-a-lifestyle Grave Cleric from the Death Domain. Or you can be everyone’s best friend with the Life Domain. The options are almost limitless for a class that’s traditionally seen as being very straight forward healing while everyone else does cool stuff.

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